Software Development

We offer development of custom software for all desktop and mobile phone operating systems, from Android to UNIX!

Managed Cloud Hosting

Fully managed virtual or dedicated servers near DE-CIX: perfect for game servers or website hosting!

Open Source

Our open source Spigot plugins like ChestSort are used by more than 30,000 servers – daily!

Check out our open source projects on GitHub:

Server Administration

We also offer administration of GNU/Linux and UNIX servers. Available as timed contract for all your maintenance needs, or onetime for specific occasions.

About JEFF Media GbR

JEFF Media GbR has been working for you in Münster, Germany since 2013. We are specialists in many areas of telecommunications and information technology. Unpleasant surprises can be avoided through targeted project management and transparent structural planning. Our customers come from all over the world. Feel free to message us anytime!

A few things we’re great at

Our services are very diverse and include in particular, but of course not exhaustively, the following:

Desktop Software development

Practice-oriented conception and realization of customer-specific desktop application development for all major operating systems like Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and Apple macOS, including development of application-oriented and ergonomic user interfaces.

Mobile software development

We also offer development for the Android and Apple iOS platforms, including publishing your application in the respective marketplaces (Google Play Store and Apple App Store).

System administration

We’re providing you with system administration of dedicated and virtual platforms since 2013, to provide you with the highest possible availability and security for all your applications.

Evaluating automatic data processing doability

We can check the automation capability of everything regarding your data processing. This lets you save time, stress, and money.

Custom hosting solutions

From hosting websites to game servers, we can provide you with everything needed to get and keep your services running. From cloud hosting for the best availability, to dedicated servers for the best performance, we got everything that you need. All systems are monitored 24/7 to ensure detection of outages the same minute they occur.

Music production, mastering & sound design

We also offer digital and analogue music production, mastering and individual sound designs using cutting-edge recording equipment, including audiobook recording in our sound studio located in Münster, Germany. Available languages for spoken texts are English, German and Spanish. We can also provide musicians for piano, guitar, drums and bass.